Exchanges and Summits

The heart of Arts & Homelessness International is exchange – bringing together artists who are or have been homeless, arts practitioners and staff from arts/homelessness projects and homeless centres and policy makers to connect and share ideas. Exchanges involve visiting homelessness services and arts/homelessness projects, workshops, artist training, discussions and events.

Exchange Timetable (2016-20)

Exchanges take place during and the run up to Cultural Olympiads in the host countries (London 2012, Rio 2016, Tokyo 2020, Paris 2022). Every 2 years, we organise a bigger exchange which is a Summit - a conference involving more delegates and a festival of artistic events. 

2016 - exchange and events co-curated and produced by our partner People's Palace Projects during the Cultural Olympiad in Brazil involving representatives from the international sector. A full report on the week's activities and occupation programme available to download below.

2017 – exchange in Montreal for the USA/Canadian sector and UK projects.

2018 – Summit & Festival in Manchester, UK gathering together 250 delegates from 16 countries.

2019 and 2020 – exchanges in Japan between local projects and the international community.

How we select delegates for exchanges

Before each set of exchanges, we undertake a Feasibility Study (see here to see the Brazil Feasibility Study) which establishes the need for an exchange in consultation with members of the homeless community, NGOs and civic and civil society. This determines the kind of projects the host country is interested in exchanging with and which would be most beneficial for all. This process is overseen by the Steering Group.