Hives & Hubs - Research Project

From 2021, Arts & Homelessness International (AHI), in partnership with British Council and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, is running a 5-year project to develop the arts and homelessness sector in the Global South.  

Homelessness is not just about housing and the role of arts and creativity is developing around the world as a mechanism to make tangible impacts in people’s well-being, agency, resilience and knowledge/skills1 as well as to provide employment for thousands of people. There are 400 known arts and homelessness projects around the world from dance companies in Tokyo to choirs in Rio.  

The project aims to create a ‘hive’ of hubs, around the world, to connect projects and individuals, to share practice and to de-centralise power from the global North (where, to date, 80% of projects AHI knows about in this field takes place) to countries in the south, particularly to developing nations.  

Phase 1 is a research phase from February to early June 2021 led by three researchers from Brazil and Kenya, Chloe Villalobos, Yvette Waweru and Aileen Fry. They will spend time finding arts and homelessness projects and wider homelessness ecosystem, in the Global South, and identify and engage with relevant partners. The information they are researching includes:  

  • What arts/homelessness projects exist? 

  • Are there individual artists or groups of artists working in this field? 

  • What are the wider national, municipal and local homelessness structures and legislation in the countries of the Global South? 

  • What homelessness voluntary sector organisations and networks exist? 

  • Are there universities, arts organisations and cultural spaces, e.g. libraries and museums, that are working with homeless people in the Global South? 

  • What is the social welfare, housing and benefits situation where there are arts and homelessness projects? 

  • Are projects contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals? 

We are reaching out to you to see if you can help us with this research. Many thanks for your tie.  

Please email by 1st June 2021.