Our new visual identity

Since we became independent in 2019, we have evolved and grown. Our former name and visual identity rapidly felt outdated. We hope the rebranding we undertook brings clarity and simplicity to what we do.  

Our former name, With One Voice, was too generic and abstract. More problematic still, it implied we unify distinct voices into ‘one’ - maybe ours. Assimilation is contrary to what we seek. We believe in co-production, openness and diversity. We exist to reflect various voices, not homogenise them. We are here to connect, not to lead. Our new name, Arts & Homelessness International, distances itself from those connotations. It is descriptive and depicts accurately what we do. Above all, it recognises that we are a movement, composed of thousands of distinct voices worldwide.  

Alongside the name, we have also changed the visual identity. Our old logo featured a megaphone, which evokes ideas contrary to what we stand for. We are a connector, not a preacher. We are collaborative, not hierarchical. We advocate for spaces where everyone’s creative voice is valued and nurtured – and where no one needs a megaphone to be heard. Our new logo is playful and warm. It does not carry any cultural associations that might conflict with our essence. It is also self-explanatory and so easily understood - just the initials of our name interacting with each other.  

We believe our new identity conveys more effectively our work and mission, which remains the same: To bring positive change to people, projects and policy in the homelessness sector through arts and creativity. We are here to help people with an experience of homelessness to thrive, not just to survive. Will you be joining us? We hope so.