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Arts & Homelessness International published the first North America Review of Arts and Homelessness in April 2017. This showed a highly passionate and effective yet fragmented sector which is under-resourced and projects are not connected with one another. Our main recommendation in the report is to bring the arts and homelessness sector together to share practise through a 7-day exchange for delegates from USA, Canada and UK in Montréal.

Montréal Exchange 

20 delegates from arts/homelessness NGOs, activists, practitioners, policy makers and homeless people will come together from 13-19 November 2017 with a larger group being invited to a one-day summit on Friday 17 November. A full schedule for the day is available below.

If you are interested in attending in person on Friday 17 please contact We hope to have a live video stream on the With One Voice Facebook page at the Conference and during some key moments of the week, including a live Q&A where you can feed in your questions in real time. 

Montréal has been selected as the meeting point for the exchange since there are around a dozen high quality projects working in this field in the city displaying highly innovative practise. These include EXEKO which uses the philosophy of ‘equality of intellect’ to effect social inclusion for homeless people; St James Centre a dynamic homeless centre with arts programmes; Le Sac a Dos who have been working with Opera de Montréal to stage an opera involving homeless people and our collaborators ATSA, which runs an annual arts and homelessness festival.

The event Pas d’Radis Fiscaux : l’État d’Urgence takes place between 16-19 November so we are timing the exchange to coincide, thus maximizing the exchange and learning experience for the delegates.

Aims of the exchange

  • Bring together arts/homelessness projects, policy-makers in the field and people with an experience of homelessness from USA, Canada and UK. This will be the first time the North American arts/homelessness sector will have come together in history
  • To share practice, methodology and toolkits through presentations and workshops
  • To work with partners to deliver artist training including in participatory singing and Legislative Theatre
  • Involve the delegation in shaping and developing the first arts/homelessness strategy for North America
  • Involve the delegation in With One Voice’s Cultural Spaces Homelessness Strategy review
  • To develop local networks of arts/homelessness in cities in North America

Outline schedule

  • Monday 13th – arrival and settling in
  • Tuesday 14th – ‘Pecha Kucha presentations, discuss aims and expectations of the week
  • Wednesday 15th – exchange, discussions, site-visits to Montreal projects
  • Thursday 16th – more exchange. Opening event of ATSA Festival in the evening
  • Friday 17th – a ‘summit’ at the ATSA Festival to include more organisations from USA and Canada, possibly to include artist training (particularly singing) and a discussion around Cultural Spaces and Homelessness Strategy
  • Saturday 18th – strategy/action planning and wrap-up
  • Sunday 19th – free time and departures 

Keep up to date with what's happening during the week on With One Voice's Facebook Page

The exchange is made possible through support by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Macquarie Group Foundation, British Council (Canada), Canadian High Commission and the Québec Government Office in London.